Connect with creativity

Do you remember painting, drawing or writing as a kid? 

The final piece was never important - it was just fun!

We believe that not only does creativity reside within all of us, but that exploring our creative side is fundamental to our wellbeing.

We send inspirational poetry and captivating artwork to people all around the world every month, using our revenue to support grassroots artists.

Connect with your own creativity, and start your Poems by Post journey today!

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Every month we commission a brand new poem from the most exciting grassroots poets  

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Stand by independent artists and small businesses

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Discover a community of artists, writers and performers 

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Stick the kettle on. Sink into the comfy chair, and lose yourself in the poet's words  

The Email Edition

Consisting of two carefully curated emails per month, our Email Edition is a treasure trove of inspiration.

A place where you can discover talented grassroots artists, be inspired by our poets dancing words, and a place where you can a creative community.

As part of our mission to make art accessible to everybody (because creativity inspires creativity!), we type up a few extra poems each month.

If you provide us with your address, you may wake up one morning to find a Poem by Post perched 'pon your doormat!

Oh, and we don't do anything weird with your data... No selling it, sharing it, or caressing it!

We just send you a dash of inspiration here, and a pinch of motivation there...
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