Let's get creative!

We believe that creativity resides within everybody. As children we all draw or paint or write - but for a lot of us, these creative pursuits take a backseat as we grow older. This means that at some point you have painted your last painting, or penned your last poem - how sad! 😥

We're on a mission to change that

Inspiring creativity is at the forefront of our minds in everything that we do. We connect people with grassroots artists, and provide much-needed paid opportunities for all kinds of wonderful people to pursue their passion. 

"How?", I hear you ask!

Every month we commission a brand new poem from a different poet and ask an artist to design an envelope and A6 card to match. We lovingly hand-type each poem (thanks Erika!), and package everything together in a beautiful letter that we pop in the post to you.

Express yourself

There's space for you to express your creativity in the A6 card - if you want! Pen a poem, draw a picture, or write an uplifting message. You can even doodle your designs onto the accompanying envelope, and post your creations on to inspire friends, family, or even complete strangers. If you're signed up to The Typewriter Edition (and you live in the UK or the US), we'll even cover the postage for you! 

Join us on our mission, and connect with creativity today

The road may be bumpy...

When I was in school, I used to write. I used to dance, act, sing, draw – I used to create! Yet as I grew older, these creative outlets fell away, and I was left feeling... empty. 

I tried to fill that hole by gambling. For 8 years I was engulfed in a crippling addiction that could very well have destroyed my life.

But it didn’t…

Throughout that cycle I always held the belief that one day I would write something great that would save me. That within me was a story just waiting to be released!

In May 2017 I moved to Australia. I met the most wonderful girl. Her passion for painting and thirst for life inspired me to pursue my own dream of being a writer. Armed with only a typewriter I took to the streets, penning poems for anyone who would curiously approach me.

Thousands of poems, various radio appearances and a museum feature later, I am incredibly proud of where I am now.

Poetry saved my life.

Poems by Post will save the world.

Alex (Chief Executive Poet)

Meet the team!

Alex (he/him)

Founder & Chief Executive Poet

Alex takes outlandish ideas and brings them to life! He launched Poems by Post from a shed, and now pretty much lives in the office. He also rhymes... sometimes.

Reuben (he/him)

The Lexicon-ductor

Reuben was wandering around Brighton when Alex found him. His patience and calmness bring a much needed steady hand to Poems by Post. Not a morning person.

Erika (they/them)

The Typewriter

Often hammered, Erika is the key to our success. They've been with Poems by Post from the start, and working with them is a delight!

The Email Edition

Consisting of two carefully curated emails per month, our Email Edition is a treasure trove of inspiration.

A place where you can discover talented grassroots artists, be inspired by our poets dancing words, and a place where you can a creative community.

As part of our mission to make art accessible to everybody (because creativity inspires creativity!), we type up a few extra poems each month.

If you provide us with your address, you may wake up one morning to find a Poem by Post perched 'pon your doormat!

Oh, and we don't do anything weird with your data... No selling it, sharing it, or caressing it!

We just send you a dash of inspiration here, and a pinch of motivation there...
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