How it works

We send our subscribers expertly crafted poetry from incredibly talented poets.  Each poem we send helps us generate the funds to support 10 artists or small businesses every month.

Our poems look good, feel great, and have real purpose. 

There are 3 different ways you can receive your poems:

  • The Typewriter Edition: Hand typed on a vintage typewriter
  • The Printed Edition: High quality print
  • The Email Edition: Printable poem. Free with Typewriter and Printed Editions

Every poem we post is presented on sustainably sourced paper with a unique design that weds the envelope to the poem. 


Our goals


 Poems by Post aims to support thousands of poets, artists, and small businesses in the coming years. But let’s begin with the near future. Here’s our plan for 2021. 

We aim to create the Poems by Post Grant, which will provide necessary funding for new creative projects

We will be more active in pursuing social equality. We will commission artists to create works reflective of different issues, which will raise both finances and awareness for the cause(s) at hand 

We aim to host our first event. When the time is right, and it is safe to do so, we will hold a festival-style event where we can bring artists together to showcase their work 

Big dreams require big ideas, and we certainly have plenty of those! 

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Meet our most recent poets

Blake Auden - April

"I have spent a long time thinking about legacy, and how I might one day be remembered"

Click here to read the full interview 

 PM - March

"Because my style is so personal, it's inevitable that I'm going to talk about queerness."

Click here to read the full interview  

 Niamh Murphy - February

"If I have an emotion that's sat in me and I don't like how it feels and I just want to get it out, I'm going to start writing something..."

Click here to read the full interview 

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