Mina West (She/Her) | The Poetry Drug

June 2021

"My name is Mina West, and I’m a performance poet born and raised in London. The best way to describe my poetic style is vulnerable but raw and I like to focus on captivating an audience with the simple use of words, as Poetry has always been a personal form of release for me.

I recently released my debut poetry book (woohoo!), entitled 'Whisper: Words I Speak Privately'. The messages within the book are intended to encourage readers to go through their own self-discovery journey, pull out the inner voice we keep supressing and let it all out.

My favourite saying is “Tomorrow’s Never Promised” so each day I aim to give everything my best shot!"

- Mina West

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Do you remember the last time?

The last time you painted, penned a poem, pretended to be an aeroplane! - did something you loved!?

Yet as you grew older, the passions that you once had took a backseat to life.

We believe that our passions should never take a backseat. We believe that the things that make us 'us' are the things that make life worth living - the things that make life fulfilling!

We're on a mission to make yesterday's dreams today's reality.

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