Dana Dajani (She/Her) | Mother Nature

May 2021

 Dana Dajani is an award-winning Palestinian writer, performer, and activist, whose list of achievements is far too long to fit into one little bio! Her background is in theatre, which clearly still influences her unique style of solo performance poetry. Part spoken-word, part one-woman show, Dana uses gesture, character, and a simple scarf to transport audiences through different themes, personas, and perspectives.

Ranging from the political to the personal, she discusses themes such as the industrialisation of beauty, Palestine, immigration, and identity. These hard-hitting topics combined with Dana's witty yet sincere performances have earned her a host of accolades internationally, and she was the Artist in Residence at the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival in 2019. She continues to collaborate with internationally acclaimed musicians in the Middle East and Europe to blend poetry and music in live performance, whilst also hosting workshops designed to help people to deepen self-awareness through writing, review and reflection.   

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