"Poets are the voice of the streets. They sing the songs of the people"

This prophetic declaration was proclaimed to me by a mysterious person, as I was perched upon a milk crate typing poetry for passers-by. They disappeared into the crowd as quickly as they spoke, but these words still echo through my mind with each poet I speak to.

It is fundamental to the Poems by Post ethos that our wordsmiths have the freedom to express themselves openly. All we ask them for is a little inspiration!

Alba Frederick (She/Her)

October 2021

When Poems by Post launched our mentorship programme back in March, Alba was one of the first people to enquire.

We worked on developing style and form, and Alba's poetry became something that we looked forward to reading each week.

Alba had a few goals in mind when we embarked on our adventure together, and we set some new ones along the way. One of these goals was to compile a collection of her work for publication in a pamphlet (now available in the shop!).

We also provided Alba with her first ever commission which we posted out to our subscribers. A moving piece that explores loss, we are extremely proud to have worked with Alba, and we absolutely love her poetry!


Alex Wilkinson (He/Him)

September 2021

 Something interesting happened last month. Something as amazing as it is terrifying. Something that we quietly achieved, and something that has shown us just how far we have to go.

On August 4th 2021, we celebrated Poems by Post's 1st birthday! To mark the occasion I wanted to share with you my new poem. 

I think it's great to be silly. Even more that, I think it's important for our mental wellbeing to take time to do the things we love for ourselves. I believe that doing things that we love, for no reason other than they make us feel good, is great!

It is our mission to inspire you to do the things that you love -

Just 4 Fun!  


Rohan Samuel (He/Him)

August 2021

Back in April I was introduced to Hema Patel, a mindset coach. She had recently discovered the power of poetry, and kindly offered to provide fortnightly sessions to Poems by Post.

Hema frequently spoke with glowing reverence about a particular poet she had e-met - Mr. Rohan Samuel.

She sent us a couple of videos of Rohan performing, and we were completely taken aback by his skilful wordplay and passionate delivery. His enthusiasm is infectious, and the work that Rohan does for the poetry community is inspiring!

We met up with Rohan to watch him in action as he hosted and performed at BYOB (Bring Your Own Bars) - a spoken word event - and it was magical!

The energy that Rohan brings is so uplifting; click the button below to share that energy with us!


Matt Alton (He/Him)

July 2021

When Matt emailed us asking if it was possible to collaborate, we jumped at the chance! 

His performance piece 'Poetry is the New Skateboarding' already had Matt firmly on our radar, and we couldn't wait to commission a new piece from him.

With his tantalizing wordplay and curious observations, Matt's impressive style has capture the attention of several poetry outlets. He has had a poem published on 'Ink, Sweat and Tears', developed his spoken word through the BBC's Words First, and has self-published a collection of poems, 'One of Few Examples of My Capacity to Rage'.

Matt's (exclusive to Poems by Post!) poem was beautiful. There's not much else we can say it about it - read it, and let his words soothe your soul.


Mina West (She/Her)

June 2021

Reuben spotted this talented Queen on Instagram, and after spending a couple of hours down a Mina-shaped YouTube rabbit hole, we reached out.

The timing couldn't have been more serendipitous, with Mina readying herself for the release of her debut poetry book 'Whisper: Words I Speak Privately'.

We sent a few of our subscribers copies of this book, and they spoke of how they were moved by Mina's raw and honest approach; inviting others along on her very personal journey.

Her (exclusive to Poems by Post!) poem 'The Poetry Drug' was incredibly meta, pontificating on the joy of discovering and writing poetry.

You can discover that poem here!


Dana Dajani (She/Her)

May 2021

Dana came to our attention when we heard her perform 'ABCs of Covid-19' on BBC Radio London. Using an array of characters with varying accents, her (live!) performance was sensational, and we just had to get in touch.

The more we got to know Dana, the more enamoured we became. 'Emirates Woman Artist of the Year', recipient of 'Young Arab Award for Entertainment', and recognised as one of '50 Influential and Inspirational Women in the UAE' are just a few of her impressive accolades!

We sent our subscribers 'Mother Nature' - which was written and performed beautifully by Dana.

You can check it out by clicking the button below!


Blake Auden (He/Him)

April 2021

It's difficult not to be familiar with the powerhouse that is Blake Auden.

Having built a devoted following of over 200k on Instagram, he has carved out a space for himself to share his innermost vulnerabilities. Blake's battle with anxiety is well documented, and his bravery in opening up his heart and sharing his words is inspirational.

He has published several collections of poetry, with each one selling out in the pre-sale.

'Socially Distanced' was hit with our subscribers, touching upon our innate desire to travel at time where that was not possible.

Whisk yourself away with Blake's words here.


PM (She/They)

March 2021

We discovered Priyanka thanks to one of our earlier featured poets (Sam Bruce), and WOW, are we glad we did!

Their friendly demeanour and ability to resonate emotionally with their audience is a rare gift, and one that we were excited to receive!

Hosting spoken-word events on Instagram, and delivering hilarious book reviews, PM's talents extend beyond poetry.

Their (Poems by Post exclusive!) poem 'Waves' took readers on a poignant journey, evoking a sincere emotional reaction.

Surf your own emotions by clicking below.


Niamh Murphy (She/Her)

February 2021

Do you ever watch TED Talks? We do, and that's how we discovered the fabulous Niamh Murphy! Her talk 'Outgrowing You' is a delightful symphony of poetry, and the power of which it bestows.

Niamh is a strong advocate for mental health - both her own and others. She thoughtfully checks in with her followers, and gently encourages people to develop good habits.

As it was February, Niamh's (Poems by Post exclusive) poem naturally had a theme of love - albeit with a slight twist! 'Falling in Love' is a touching journey of self-acceptance, and, staying true to the theme... we LOVED it!

You can fall in love with it too; just click the button below!


Sam Bruce (They/Them)

January 2021

The phenomenal being that is Sam Bruce came to our attention as a result of the sheer tenacity they put into promoting poetry.

Writer, illustrator, and co-founder of House of Rhymes, Sam strives to infect others with their poetic passion.

Whether composing poetry, running workshops, or performing at The Vaults Festival, Sam's inspiring attitude is one we feel we can definitely learn from.

'January' is the (Poems by Post exclusive!) work we shared with our subscribers. A captivating poem that inspired hope amongst our subscribers, and perfectly captured the feeling of a nation.

Take a trip back in time with Sam's words here.


Jemma Furnival (She/Her)

December 2020

Jemma's relentless pursuit of poetry is hard to ignore. Aa a talented writer, and facilitator of various collaborations, we think she's awesome.

Her debut children's books 'The Panther and the Mouse has attained rave reviews, and she continues to push her boundaries.

With several projects in development, Jemma's endeavour and passion is something that leaves us excited to see what she has in store for the future!

Capturing the moment where Autumn turns to Winter, her (Poems by Post exclusive!) poem 'Short Days' warmed our subscribers' hearts.

Click below for your own winter warmer!


Boy Under The Bridge (He/Him)

November 2020

Back in the days when I used to busk on the streets of Melbourne with my typewriter before me, I was approached by Ricky, who asked me for a poem.

Subsequently I discovered his own unique brand of poetry. Composing short, insightful quips (also using a typewriter!), Ricky scatters his poems around the city of Melbourne, creating something of a poetic treasure hunt. 

We shared a short collection of his perceptive poetry with our subscribers.

You can also be inspired by his words by clicking here.


Kat Reeves (She/Her)

October 2020

I first met Kat in early 2020 at Greenwich Market. She and her partner Sam approached my stall and asked me to write them a poem. She was so enthusiastic and supportive of my dream that I knew we had to be friends!

She shared the poem that I had typed for her on her Instagram account, and through that I discovered Kat's own writings.

Her poetry speaks about growth and development, and Kat actively seeks to support and encourage others who are pursuing their passions.

Her poem 'Sprout Little Seed' is a masterpiece in metaphor, and one that I often turn to when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

You can check it out here!


Alex Wilkinson (He/Him)

September 2020

Having loving built Poems by Post during the UK's first national lockdown, I was super excited about the potential of the platform.

Putting the pieces in place for Poems by Post taught me a lot about myself. It encouraged me to speak to myself in a loving way, and this did wonders for me.

'The Choices We Make' reflects on the importance of how we treat ourselves, and how we reflect that out unto the world. It is also arguably the most exclusive of Poems by Post poems, given that it went out to a grand total of 6 subscribers!

You can take a peak inside my mind here.