Alex Wilkinson (He/Him) | The Choices We Make

September 2020

Having lovingly built Poems by Post during the UK's first national lockdown, I was super excited about the potential of the platform.

Putting the pieces in place for Poems by Post taught me a lot about myself. It encouraged me to speak to myself in a loving way, and this did wonders for me.

'The Choices We Make' reflects on the importance of how we treat ourselves, and how we reflect that out into the world. It is also arguably the most exclusive of Poems by Post poems, given that it went out to a grand total of 6 subscribers!

Connect with creativity

Do you remember the last time?

The last time you painted, penned a poem, pretended to be an aeroplane! - did something you loved!?

Yet as you grew older, the passions that you once had took a backseat to life.

We believe that our passions should never take a backseat. We believe that the things that make us 'us' are the things that make life worth living - the things that make life fulfilling!

We're on a mission to make yesterday's dreams today's reality.

And we're starting with you.  

The Email Edition

Consisting of two carefully curated emails per month, our Email Edition is a treasure trove of inspiration.

A place where you can discover talented grassroots artists, be inspired by our poets dancing words, and a place where you can a creative community.

As part of our mission to make art accessible to everybody (because creativity inspires creativity!), we type up a few extra poems each month.

If you provide us with your address, you may wake up one morning to find a Poem by Post perched 'pon your doormat!

Oh, and we don't do anything weird with your data... No selling it, sharing it, or caressing it!

We just send you a dash of inspiration here, and a pinch of motivation there...
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