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September 2021

"Something interesting happened last month. Something as amazing as it is terrifying. Something that we quietly achieved, and something that has shown us just how far we have to go.

On August 4th 2021, we celebrated Poems by Post's 1st birthday!

I say celebrated... that's perhaps a slight exaggeration.

For this monumental milestone that we reached was accompanied by a bittersweet taste.

Bitter because we are not where we'd like to be. We have huge dreams and humungous ambitions, and for all that we have achieved over the past 12 months there is still so much more that we want to do - both to support artists, and for our own supporters.

Sweet because we made it. Poems by Post is a reality, has been a reality for a whole year, and will continue to be a reality (and a force for good!) for many years to come.

Sweet because of the difference that we have made to so many since our inception.

Sweet because the hunger is still there.

On September 4th 2020, the first Poems by Post poem was posted. It was a piece I had written called 'The Choices We Make', and it was sent out to 6 people. To mark our 1st birthday, I wanted to share with you my new poem.

If you've met me, the chances are that you've heard me speak about the sad (but true!) fact that as children we all create. We paint, draw, write - use our imaginations! - because we love it. And yet there comes a point where we pen our last poem, paint our last painting, or draw our last drawing.

And we don't even realise it.

The pressures of adulthood overcome us, and the things that we do for enjoyment sadly (but not always!) take a back seat.

I think it's great to be silly. Even more that, I think it's important for our mental wellbeing to take time to do the things we love for ourselves. I believe that doing things that we love, for no reason other than they make us feel good, is great!

It is our mission to encourage, champion, and support grassroots artists, and it is our mission to inspire you to connect with your own creativity!

It is our mission to inspire you to do the things that they love.

It is our mission to inspire you to do the things that you love -

Just 4 Fun!" 

Connect with creativity

Do you remember the last time?

The last time you painted, penned a poem, pretended to be an aeroplane! - did something you loved!?

Yet as you grew older, the passions that you once had took a backseat to life.

We believe that our passions should never take a backseat. We believe that the things that make us 'us' are the things that make life worth living - the things that make life fulfilling!

We're on a mission to make yesterday's dreams today's reality.

And we're starting with you.

September's Featured Artist

Kelsy Sullivan (she/her)

 It was December 2017. After several months of hitchhiking down Australia's East Coast, Kelsy and I found ourselves in Melbourne. The plan was to find a job and settle for a while.

Plans don't always work out.

Despite my very best efforts, I struggled to find a job that chimed with my new-found sense of adventure, until Kelsy spotted a typewriter in a bazaar and suggested that I take to the streets writing poetry for people. My initial reluctance turned to excitement, and we spent the next couple of weeks preparing to be street artists.

Kelsy would paint, and I would poem, thus Paint and Poems was born!

Poems by Post is an evolution of the art that Kelsy and I used to make on the streets, and without Kelsy's support and belief, Poems by Post would not be what it is - nor where it is - today.

You can check out more of Kelsy's work on Instagram

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A place where you can discover talented grassroots artists, be inspired by our poets dancing words, and a place where you can a creative community.

As part of our mission to make art accessible to everybody (because creativity inspires creativity!), we type up a few extra poems each month.

If you provide us with your address, you may wake up one morning to find a Poem by Post perched 'pon your doormat!

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